Find Your Zen,Dive intoyour Mind.


For as long as we have existed, adventure has stirred the human soul. Our explorations of space have carried us to the moon, to Mars, and beyond Surpassing our earthly boundaries. As times change, so too, does our study of the universe. Centering ourselves around concepts such as Zen and Technology, we have pushed forward on a journey that goes beyond space into the unknowns of the cosmos, The journey continues through our exploration of the cloud and the internet—the new digital frontier.

The ever-growing universe inside you. InTrip’s Zen practice and Sound Meditations act as your guide on this journey of self-discovery. Find Your Zen, Dive Into Your Mind.

Zen Practice and Sound Meditations to help dive into your mind.

Leaders of the future,
dive into your Zen.


Ryosoku-In Temple
Buddhist High Priest

Toryo Ito

What is your image of Zen? You may have the preconception that Zen is overly complicated or too lofty a practice to understand. On the contrary, the path to Zen is rooted in the everyday. Rather than thinking of Zen as some far-off journey to enlightenment, think of it as something akin to discovering small flowers and weeds growing along the edge of a pathway. As you continue along this pathway of awareness, there will come a point where you feel as if suddenly the whole world opens up in front of your eyes. In this moment, you uncover what it is that has been blocking you from seeing the whole picture. As you make more and more of these discoveries, the ability to see the world in a wider scope, as if you were standing atop a mountain, and to focus on the smallest details, like looking through a magnifying glass, both become a part of you. Journeying through all these small, intersecting alleyways of your mind, the world as you know it will come to life in vivid color. Through InTrip, we offer a release from your busy everyday life.


01Zen Experience

See the Unseen
with a single 10-minute Zen practice a day.

Meditate on the floor of your room in the morning, or on the morning commute into work. Meditate before an important meeting, or when you need to brainstorm. When you’re too nervous to sleep, meditate in bed. Buddhist High Priest Toryo Ito has meticulously prepared this program to fit any need or scenario. Once this Zen practice becomes a part of your daily routine, a new life will unfold itself before you.

02Sound Meditation

Find peace of mind
in our customized Sound Meditations.

Listening to music and relaxing sounds as you meditate has become popular around the world.
Whether it be before work, or while you are working, we have prepared these 4 music categories as a backdrop for your meditative practice: Relax, Focus, Sleep, and finally ON THE TRIP. Concentrate on this music while commuting on the train, or as you enjoy some time outdoors. Regardless of the situation, we provide a meditative experience for both your mind and spirit. Our Sound Meditations include ambient music, which are more meaningful when experienced at a certain time and space, and music created using machine learning and Automatic Music Generation techniques.

031 Zen A Day

Our unique daily 10-minute
guides you on your journey
to strengthen your mind.

“Find What you Love,” “Dream,” “Communicate.” 1 Zen A Day is an original Zen program created by Toryo Ito composed of a series of unique 10-minute daily Zen routines. Toryo Ito leads you through each theme. If you miss out on your daily Zen practice, who knows when you will be able to hear it again.
Just one 10-minute practice a day could change your way of thinking forever.


Infuse Zen into your daily life, strengthen your soul and mind.

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